Antennas & Towers Overview

Antenna system at AC0C is based on 4 towers:


  • "20m Tower" - 20m, 15m and 6m beams plus 80m dipole.  114' Rohn 55G.  Fiberglass rod guys.  
  • "40m Tower" - 40m, 30m, 17m and 10m beams.  126' Rohn 55G.  Fiberglass rod guys.
  • "160m Tower" - 160m vertical and 80m 4-square.  131' Rohn 25G.  Fiberglass rod guys.  
  • "Test Tower" - 12m beam on a tower near the house.  30' Rohn 25G.  Attached to 12' support.

The 4 towers are supplemented by some RX antennas and a 40m 4-square.    

Relative locations of the towers is shown below in this annotated satelite view.  The two main beam towers are on a nearly N-S line with the 160m vertical tower off to the NE.  Tower location is constrained primarly by a seasonal creek that runs through the property - the creek and the associated trees conspire to make some of the site unusable without a lot of site prep.  The neighboorhood is NE of the nearest city about 2 miles and most plots are several acres in size resulting in a reasonable noise profile. Fortunately in the NE direction there is only one houses for distance of several miles making the important NE direction the lowest noise level. 


Related presentations:

PDF:  Antenna Pictures and Other Stuff - Comments on each of the antennas on site. 6 MB  

PDF:  Fire Control - Covers station automation incluidng integration of rigs and antennas.  9 MB




Antennas - 20/15/6m


20m rotating JK206 - 6 ele - 44' boom  

6m rotating M2 - 7 ele - 30' boom  

15m rotating JK155 - 5 ele - 36' boom  

15m fixed on EU JK155 - 5 ele - 36' boom  

20m fixed on EU - JK206 - 6 ele - 44' boom

15m fixed on EU JK155 - 5 ele - 36' boom  

20m fixed on SA - JK205 - 5 ele - 39' boom

15m fixed on SA - homebrew 5-ele OWA from KLM parts  





Antennas - 40/30/17/10m


40m rotating JK402 - 2 ele cap loaded Moxon-style - 21' boom  

10m rotating JK106 - 6 ele - 36' boom  

30m/17m rotating - homebrew 3-ele 30m and 4-ele 17m on 30' boom from Telrex and new parts  

10m fixed on EU - not yet mounted  

40m fixed on EU JK402 - 2 ele cap loaded Moxon-style - 21' boom  

10m fixed on SA - 3-ele - 12' boom - K5GO design/build - actual antenna from the FT5ZM dxpedition  

40m 4-square located between the two HF towers




Antennas - 160/80m


160m full-size vertical built out of Rohn 25G - insulated base - 82 in-ground radials  

80m 4-square - wire verticals suspended from Dacron ropes off the 160m tower - 200 on-ground radials total

80m dipole at 50' on the 20m tower - copperweld with Dacron rope support  



Receiving Antennas


HiZ pro4-8 circle 104' array

660' beverage running NE

18' CW-skimmer all band buffered vertical 




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