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A collection of the publications, attachments and other downloads found on the site are gathered here.




PDF:  ACØC SB200 SLEEPER - Xtreme Conversion

Presented to the Kansas City DX Club, 2009.  12 Mb


PDF:  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - ACøC Alpha 76pa Modernization

One Man’s Modernization - or Unforgivable Butchering - of a Classic Workhorse Amp. 
Presented to the Kansas City DX Club, Jun 2011.  3 Mb




PDF:  Antenna Pictures and Other Stuff

Comments on each of the antennas on site.  Presented to the Kansas City DX Club, Jan 2019.  6 MB


PDF:  Fire Control

Covers station automation including integration of rigs and antennas.  Presented to the Kansas City DX Club, Mar 2019. 
9 MB


PDF:  AC0C 10-band Stealth Attic Antenna System for Contesting and DX

Featured in the NCJ, May-June 2012.   1 MB


PDF:  4th-Generation Stealth All-Band Electrically Reversible Directional Array

Presented to the Kansas City DX Club, 26 Jul 2010.  7 MB


PDF:  40m 2-element Wire Beam: Parasitic to Phased Array Conversion

Details on implementing a phased-drive reversable two element array. 
Presented to the Kansas City DX Club, 25 Apr 2011.  3 MB


PDF:  Antennas for Restricted Spaces

Presented to the ARRL Midwest Convention, 9 Nov 2013.  5 MB


PDF:  Stealth Antennas

Analysis and comment on the First 3 Generations of AC0C Attic Antennas.  2009  7 MB


PDF:  Shack Automation - Field Day Style

Automatic band decoding, antenna switch, triplexer and band pass filters - all in one. 

Presented to the Kansas City DX Club, Nov 2015.  2 MB


Telrex Antennas and Rotors

Classic 50's era monster beams from Telrex. Documents posted here so they won't be as hard for the next guy to track down !

Telrex antenna catalog - April 1985

Telrex 40M329 - 40m 3 element 29'

Telrex 20M646 - 20m 6 element 46'

Telrex 15M845 - 15m 8 element 45'

Telrex 10M1044X - 10m 10 element 44'

Telrex TB6EM - Triband 6-element 26'

Telrex BA2345RIHS rotor - 9000 in-lbs torque boxed rotor

Telrex BA32899RIHS rotor - 12000 in-lbs torque boxed rotor

Telrex A2140RISX rotor - 9000 in-lbs torque open frame rotor


SDR , Panadapters and Bandscopes


PDF:  An Introduction to Software Defined Radios

Published in the Kansas City DX Club Newsletter, 2010.  2 Mb


PDF:  Adding Panadapter Capability to the Yaesu FT-2000

Introduction and guidelines for using the combination of IF-2000 mixer board, external SDR and PowerSDR-IF-Stage application for a fully integrated bandscope solution.  2 Mb




PDF:  An Introduction to Roofing Filters

Presented to the Centeral Arizona DX Club, 6 Oct 2011.  5 Mb


PDF:  Preformance Enhancements for the Popular FT-2000

Presented to the W0DXCC Convention, June, 2011.  17 Mb


VIDEO: Demonstration of IMD Reduction on the FT-2000 using the AC0C NS filter

Format WMV 640x480  - 29mb


VIDEO:  Demonstration of IMD Reduction on the FT-950 using the AC0C NS filter

Format WMV 640x480 - 21 mb


PDF:  QST Review - AC0C NS Roofing Filter for the FT-2000 and FT-950

QST May 2012, reproduced with permission,


PDF:  HB9ERU Measurements on his NS Filter Equipped FT-950

Thanks to Bruno Fognini HB9ERU


Everything Else

PDF:  Got PS? 13.7V - 45 Amps - $20

Presented to the KCDXC Sept 2016 - 3 mb


PDF:   The Future of RTTY Contesting

Presented to the Dayton Hamvention, May 2019 - 1mb


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