The Red Room

Below are a few shots of both the new shack and the antennas.  More details on both are found in the tabs to the left as I can add more details later.  

Look for you on the bands!






Yaesu FTdx-5000MP with DMU-2000

Yaesu FT-2000 with NS roofing filter

Homebrew Amps

Alpha 76pa

Kenwood TS-820s line

Kenwood TS-830s line

Yaesu FT-102 line

Green Herron rotor controller

Microham MK2R+

Bandscope running NaP3 from a LP-PAN feed
off each rig

Shack PC - Win7x32, Asus P8Z68, I5-2500K, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX-650 Ti, SSD with RAID-1+0 backup, Infrasonic Quartet, M-Audio 1010LT



The op desk is a triple level arrangement.  This puts the rigs and other big gear up closer to eye level, and allows a lot of the smaller and often used gear to fit in the pocket space adjacent the keyboard/key area.  The wall color is a cranberry color in reality.  Ajacent the shack is a guest bedroom and a seperate bathroom (especially important for contesting!).


To the left of the main op position are a Kenwood TS-820S, Yaesu FT-102 and Kenwood TS-830S hybrid tri.  And vintage heavy-metal in the form of a 1960's era Hallicrafters SX-101A and a 1950's era Hammurland SP-600.



Plenty of book shelf space gets the magazine collection out of the XYL's hair.  And the pink chair, while arguably ugly, is an excellent sleeper!



Antenna layout 

There are more grand plans in the works, but that's down the road a bit...  Until then, this is the antenna layout for 2012-2013 as we head into the peak (??) of the solar cycle.  All of the structures are temporary and can be removed in the future as a more permanent layout materializes. 

The antennas terminate at the tower base where a 2x6 switch feeds a pair of lines that run to the shack to provide So2r capability.  The 160/80 is a tilt-design and can be raised by one person.  Original plans were to use a set of beverages but for a number of reasons including maintainance, the circle array won out.  I later added a single beverage to have a low-band fixed-on-EU antenna - and to have a way to evaluate the circle array against a "known standard."

More details on the antennas can be seen in the tabs to the left of this page.





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