SB614 Monitor Scope

Fresh Paint for an Old Classic

The shack's monitor scope is the great looking SB614. 

I wanted a monitor scope to use with the amp work thinking that it would provide a good way to test the amp's performance.  Unfortunately, my target was the Yaesu 300-series monitor scope which was out of the acceptable price range. In addition, one of the requirements was a solid-state based rather than tube-based unit ruled out the SB610. Fortunately, the SB614 met the requirements on all counts.

From a user standpoint, the results are mixed. Line regulation and resolution of the scope is not nearly as good of an indicator as my stand alone oscilliscope or a SDR.  I've not done anything to improve the PS stability because better alternatives are available for serious work.  

In any event, the unit works well and still looks great in the lineup!

The modifications were basic with no improvements beyond the functional.  A coat of matte-black paint on the case makes the unit fit in nicely with the shack rig.  Internally, all the electrolytics were replaced and a fresh alignment brings the trim into spec. 





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