Field Day

Hosting the KCCC Field Day Event


For the last few years the Kansas City Contest Club has conducted field day operations on site here under the call sign KS0MO.

Setup in the side yard are 3 tents supporting a GOTA station, a M2 HF station and a UHF/VHF/Sat station.  We ran QRP/battery one year but it was a tough fight.  Most years the mode is 100W/generator.  Primary operation mode is CW.





The M2 HF station runs a pair of K3.  Antenna selection is automatic and follows the rig selection.  Band data decoders in the triplexer assembly drive a KK1L 2x6 coax switch.  A VE6AM triplexer breaks out the tribander feed on 20/15/10 and station isolation is provided by individual W3NQN filters of 5B4AGN design.  More details about the station automation can be read HERE.

Each station has a dedicated PC running N1MM+ for logging.






HF antennas are 80m and 40m dipoles at about 35'.  A C3S F12 tribander is mounted on 4 sections of 25G.  For the UHF/VHF station, a 4-element 6m homebrew beam and a 10-element 2m beam sit on top of a 40' aluminum tower.  Additional hand-held and stand-mounted antennas are used for some of SAT chasing. 

Towers are lifted with a rope falling-derrick type of arrangement with guys on 4 sides which keeps the tower under control and for that reason can be put up by one man if needed.







GOTA plays a big part in the strategy.  A 746 typically runs SSB, RTTY and PSK31 depending on the preference of the GOTA op. 

The GOTA station has a multiband vertical mounted about 300 feet from the HF station and can be run on the same bands as the HF M2 station since the GOTA tends to be SSB and RTTY most of the time.  The antenna is a good match as it's vertical polarization allows us to run another mode on the same band as the M2 HF station is on without resorting to exotic filtering.











Food is a big part of the FD weekend with burgers and grilled chicken being the local favorites, followed closely by brauts.



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