This part of the site is under construction now to include details of the new towers and antennas.  A couple of pics follow to give you an idea of the project's scope.  Details to follow.




Left tower - 20m, 15m and 6m.  114' Rohn 55G.  Fiberglass rod guys.   

Center tower - 40m, 30m, 17m and 10m.  126' Rohn 55G.  Fiberglass rod guys.

Right tower - 160m and 80m.  131' Rohn 25G.  Fiberglass rod guys.



Antennas - 20/15/6m


20m rotating JK206 - 6 ele - 44' boom  

6m rotating M2 - 7 ele - 30' boom  

15m rotating JK155 - 5 ele - 36' boom  

15m fixed on EU - homebrew 5-ele OWA from KLM parts  

20m fixed on EU - homebrew 4-ele OWA from Hygain LJ parts  

20m fixed on SA - homebrew 4-ele OWA from Hygain LJ parts  

80m dipole - copperweld with Dacron rope support  

15m fixed on SA - homebrew 4-ele OWA from Hygain LJ parts



Antennas - 40/30/17/10m


20m rotating JK402 - 2 ele cap loaded Moxon-style - 21' boom  

10m rotating JK106 - 6 ele - 36' boom  

30m/17m rotating - homebrew 3-ele 30m and 4-ele 17m on 30' boom from Telrex and new parts  

10m fixed on EU - not yet mounted  

10m fixed on SA - 3-ele - 12' boom - K5GO design/build - actual antenna from the FT5ZM dxpedition  

also 40m 4-square with elevated radials located between the two HF towers





Antennas - 160/80m


160m full-size vertical - insulated base - 82 in-ground radials  

80m 4-square - wire verticals suspended from Dacron ropes off the tower - 200 on-ground radials total




Receiving Antennas


HiZ pro4-8 circle 104' array

18' CW-skimmer all band buffered vertical 






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